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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up your account on fidelity netbenefits?

How to set up your account on Fidelity NetBenefits® New User Registration Verify your identity: 1 Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number 2 Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth 3 Click the Next button New User Registration Your username can be your Social Security number, but to better protect your account, we strongly recommend that you create a unique username. 4 Username Standards

What are fidelity benefits?

Fidelity’s Health and Welfare Benefits Can Help You: Create a Healthy Workforce. Encourage employees to embrace wellness and healthy behavior with health improvement programs, tools, and incentives. Stay ahead of legislative and regulatory changes, and maintain compliance with new administrative requirements.

What is fidelity employee?

Employee Fidelity Bond is a surety bond that covers employers from losses from dishonest and/or negligent actions of their employees. Employee Fidelity Bonds reimburse employers for losses from employee fraud, theft, forgery, and embezzlement of company's cash and other assets.

What is Fidelity Financial?

Fidelity Investments Inc., commonly referred to as Fidelity, is a multinational financial services corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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