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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Fifine microphone cost for a computer?

FIFINE K669B USB Microphone with Volume Dial for Streaming, Vocal Recording, Podcasting on Computer. $ 35.99 USD. FIFINE K670/670B USB Mic with A Live Monitoring Jack for Streaming Podcasting on Mac/Windows. $ 39.99 USD.

Which is the best Fifine microphone for podcasting?

Fifine does it again with their simplest designs that I keep giving them five stars. This Fifine Microphone K678 has the same functions if you want to do a podcast, teach music and voice lessons online. The sound quality is by far the best this microphone has.

Is the Fifine k678 USB podcast Mic out of the world?

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This microphone is out of this world. The sound is super crisp, and it is extremely easy to set up - it's literally plug and go. I love the versatility of the mic also, you can just sit it on a desk or table as is, or remove the stand and attach to mic to a stand. So it can pretty much cover all occasions:

Which is better a Fifine mic or a blue mic?

The Fifine mic's sound is warmer than Blue microphones. This means that the Fifine mic is more flattering to voices. We generally dislike treble frequency resonances and spikes (imagine scratching your nails on a chalkboard), and a lot of cheaper mics (and some expensive ones, too) can't control that treble energy.

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