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Frequently Asked Questions

What is King of Fighters 97 Global match?

THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 GLOBAL MATCH. KOF ’97 is the final entry in the Orochi Saga, the original storyline of the KOF series, which is still played by enthusiastic fans around the world. KOF ’97 makes a return with new features such as online matchmaking, a new gallery mode, and custom menu BGM settings!

Can you download The King of Fighters 97 on PC?

Download The King of Fighters ’97 on PC with BlueStacks, form your team and challenge your opponents one by one, or three by three! Your browser does not support the video tag. Your browser does not support the video tag.

When did King of Fighters come out?

The King of Fighters '97 is a 2D tag-team fighting game developed and released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on July 28, 1997. It was subsequently released for the Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD later that year.

What's new in kof97?

All of the world's attention is focused on this year's tournament. KOF '97 is here!" This game has two systems: ADVANCED and EXTRA . This mode employs aggressive tactics and the gameplay from The King of Fighters '96. Can be used the new rolling sidesteps to quickly rout the enemy and build up your POW Gauge using your special moves.

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