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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure a fighter's reach?

To measure a fighter’s reach, they must stand straight and raise their arms at shoulder height, perpendicular to their body. Then, the distance between the tip of the middle finger of one hand and the tip of the middle finger, on the other hand, is measured to determine the fighter’s reach.

How do you deal with short reach fighters?

Fighters with shorter reach than their opponent can either try to close the distance and start landing some hooks/uppercuts to the body and the head or work on their takedowns, wait for their opponents and counter them from a distance or use reactive takedowns to get the fight to the ground.

What is UFC reach and how is It measured?

UFC reach (or wingspan) is the length measuring from the tip of the middle finger on one hand to the other while the arms are raised horizontally at shoulder height. The average human height/reach ratio is 1:1, but MMA fighters tend to have a longer reach on average.

What does reach mean in boxing?

The figure that you come out with is your reach, which is most commonly given in inches. Reach is an important boxing statistic for a reason and that’s because it matters a lot when you’re having a fight.

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