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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the Battle of Flanders Fields?

Flanders Fields History. On 4 August 1914, the German army invaded Belgium. The Germans demanded King Albert to grant them free passage through the country, so that they could attack the French from the rear and defeat them. The king refused and the famous Schlieffen plan was launched to impose Germany’s military will by force.

Did American troops fight in Flanders in WW1?

American troops were only present on Belgian territory during the last months of the war. The four American divisions, 40,000 men in all, who fought in Flanders, had only arrived in Europe in June and July 1918.

What was the Flanders Campaign of the First Coalition?

Campaign in War of the First Coalition. The Flanders Campaign (or Campaign in the Low Countries) was conducted from 6 November 1792 to 7 June 1795 during the first years of the French Revolutionary Wars.

What was The racial makeup of the American divisions in Flanders?

The American divisions who fought in Flanders were almost exclusively white. The American Expeditionary Force had a strict segregation policy with separate units for whites and blacks.

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