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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some figures not show up in a list?

Some tables/figures just don’t show in the lists. I’ve suspected it was to do with track changes being on in the document, even though none of the captions or the paragraphs surrounding them were the subject of tracked changes.

How to lable figures into table of figures?

Simply into a table of figures. the same as that specified in the list of figures field code. > I am using Office 07. In my Word document I have labled figures by inserting > figure captions. However, several of my figures do not show-up in my list of > figures. I have checked that these labels are captions and also that they

Why is my Word table of figures not updated?

Select "Update page numbers only"/"Update entire table" as the case might be. The reason could be that Track Formatting is on, and some changes are not accepted. Accept all changes and try updating the fields again. In body of report click on your Table title.

Why are some of my tables not listed correctly?

All the tables that should have been listed originally were now listed correctly. The problem is that the authors need to keep on track changes so that the regulators can see what’s changed in these docs, so they have three choices:

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