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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put figurines in a nativity scene?

With a variety of different pieces and figurines, people can use their creativity to make their perfect nativity scene. People can create a layout that takes up an entire shelf or go small and simple. However you decide to layout your nativity scene, it will be a great addition to the rest of your Christmas decorations.

How much does a nativity set weigh?

Overall Product Weight: 4.95lb. Depicting the auspicious nativity of Jesus this set is complete with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus and this classic nativity set also includes the three Wise Men bearing gifts, Shepherds, farm animals, and an angel.

Who are the characters in the Nativity set?

Celebrate and remember the true meaning of Christmas with this nativity figurine set. Each figure in this set is beautifully detailed and painted colorfully. Pieces included: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, an angel, a shepherd, a donkey, a cow, and a lamb.

Which is the best nativity set for Christmas?

Yawots Elegant Profile Nativity Set, Includes Holy F ... Nativity House Figure Religious Ornament For Holiday ... Namb Alloy and Acacia Wood 4 Piece Miniature Nativit ... Miniature Nativity Scene with a Small 4-Inch Stable ... Autcarible Christ Birth of Jesus Ornament Gifts Nati ... Christ Birth of Jesus Ornament Gifts Nativity Scene ...

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