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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of figurines are on Etsy?

Willow Tree Figurine ‘Our Gift’ by Susan Lordi 2006 9 ins h. Baby Black Rain Frog Figurine... Small Erotic Statue. Unusual Metal Erotic figurine. Naked couple making love. Kama Sutra Statues. Sex Positions. sweet vintage Leonardo collection Donkey figurine 15cm app ornament. Bloodborne hunter figurine. The Hunter figure.

What can you buy with a porcelain figurine?

You have no items in your shopping cart. The luxury handcrafted porcelain of the 21st century. Lighting, home accessories, decorative sculptures and figurines. Cultures, Animals, Scenes...

How to order a 3D family figurine online?

For family figurine orders, please email the photos after placing the order at [email protected] with the subject of the email being your order number. A Tearful Embrace. I am very satisfied and proud of my purchase. When I handed the figure of my fiancé and her deceased grandmother she teared up and hugged me in approval.

What kind of China are the Royal Doulton figurines made of?

Each thoughtfully crafted from fine bone china, the figurines are an ideal choice for royal enthusiasts and collectors alike with a selection of limited edition versions honoring the English monarchy.

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