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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a FileHippo App Manager for Windows?

FileHippo App Manager for PC is a Windows software application. Which can help your system up-to-date. Its scans your pc computer for update and install the application. AppManager user interface is very simple and you also choose your favorite color scheme.

Are there any cross platform applications for FileHippo?

Shareit Filehippo. Shareit for pc filehippo is a cross-platform application. That can you transfer files between your android mobiles and your pc computer. Teamviewer Filehippo. Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing application that can use for sharing information between 2 computers.

What kind of app is Adobe Reader FileHippo?

Adobe reader Filehippo Adobe Reader is an app that uses for reading and views your pdf files.

What does CCleaner do in FileHippo App Manager?

Ccleaner Filehippo Ccleaner helps to clear the unnecessary data like junk files that can slow your pc, its optimizes your pc speed.

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