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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a FileHippo App Manager for Windows?

FileHippo App Manager for PC is a Windows software application. Which can help your system up-to-date. Its scans your pc computer for update and install the application. AppManager user interface is very simple and you also choose your favorite color scheme. Its have an update checker for your already apps installed.

Which is the best free file manager for Windows?

Download music, videos, and e-books Free Download Manager, also known as FDM, is an efficient file manager and downloader for Windows users. It extends support to online media sites and lets users download documents, e-books, as well as audio and video files. All downloaded files are filed together on a single interface for easy access.

Where can I download files with free download manager?

You can even use the Free Download Manager to download files from different media websites, including YouTube, provided the copyright holder provides permission. Users can also integrate FDB with browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, as well as Internet Explorer, for easy access.

Are there any cross platform applications for FileHippo?

Shareit Filehippo. Shareit for pc filehippo is a cross-platform application. That can you transfer files between your android mobiles and your pc computer. Teamviewer Filehippo. Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing application that can use for sharing information between 2 computers.

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