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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about FileHippo update checker?

FileHippo Update Checker is a software to scan the needed updates for all the applications set in a device, updating them automatically regardless of the origin.

Is there a free program called FileHippo App Manager?

FileHippo App Manager is a free program for the Windows operating system by software site FileHippo which informs you about outdated software running on the computer. Author Martin Brinkmann Publisher

What does software update checker do for Android?

Software update checker will help you to check updates for all your install Apps & Games, System apps at regular bases automatically. Get the most out of your android phone device with useful app Update Software: Phone Manager & Device Info. This app grabs the version of your Samsung device.

How can I check for updates on my PC?

Check outdated programs on your PC. Check any changes in a Web page automatically. These software can be updated on a regular basis and accordingly new software and be installed. Software Update Checker App will help you to update your all pending updates, downloaded apps, system apps at regular bases.

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