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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FileHippo update checker and how does it work?

This article was updated for informational purposes FileHippo Update Checker is a software to scan the needed updates for all the applications set in a device, updating them automatically regardless of the origin.

How to keep your software up-to-date with FileHippo service?

Scan and check the versions of the installed software in your computer. Keep your installed software up-to-date with FileHippo service. Check outdated programs on your PC. Check any changes in a Web page automatically. These software can be updated on a regular basis and accordingly new software and be installed.

What is FileHippo App Manager?

FileHippo App Manager Features. 1 Adobe reader Filehippo. Adobe Reader is an app that uses for reading and views your pdf files. 2 Ccleaner Filehippo. 3 Winrar Filehippo. 4 Utorrent Filehippo. 5 Format Factory Filehippo. More items

What is FileHippo uTorrent?

Utorrent Filehippo utorrent is a BitTorrent client. which can download and upload torrent files very fast with peer-to-peer connections.

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