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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of film did the 110 camera use?

The 110 film cartridge used 16mm film with a single sprocket hole per frame that, depending on the camera, enabled film advance with auto shutter re-cocking, and also set the shutter speed according to the film speed. (Image credit: Paul Burrows)

What was the quality of Kodak 110 film?

In terms of image quality, the 110 film wasnt on par with 35mm film and it doesnt compare with modern digital camera capabilities. Images tended to be slightly blurry and noisy, but this is all part of the aesthetic that makes the film type and its associated cameras appealing today.

Can you use a ND filter on 110 film?

Lomography re-introduced slide film for 110 with their Peacock 200 ASA model. However, since not all 110 cameras have a settable ASA dial (low or high, depending on presence of a notch in the cassette), an ND filter has to be used over the lens or the exposure compensation dial has to be used where available.

Do you have to rewind Kodak 110 film?

The cartridge simply drops into the camera, you close the camera’s back door, wind on and shoot. Even if you open the camera with a half exposed film inside, the precious exposed film is well protected inside the cartridge. And at the end of the film, you don’t have to rewind. Kodak Pocket Instamatic using 110 film.

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