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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a custom lootfilter sound pack for path of exile?

Custom Lootfilter Sound Pack for Neversinks Path of Exile Lootfilter. The pack contains a lot of alternative sound files that you can choose from and use for your own filters (doesn't have to be a Neversink filter).

How do I create a path of exile filter in Poe?

to add the filter to your PoE account. In the PoE inGame settings, go to 'UI' and select the new filter in the 'List of Item Filters'. You might need to press the reload button or restart your game. your filter. The file will be named In the Path of Exile options, go to 'UI' and select the new file in the 'List of Item Filters'.

What is the best looting filter for Poe?

the most commonly used looting filter for many POE players. Neversink provides various options for the strictness of the filter, and more speed-oriented players want to choose a stricter filter. If you are a new player, you can also choose to upgrade.

How to activate custom game sound effects in road of exile?

On average, most "Road of Exile" custom game sound effects packs will come with 8-10 sounds and a filter file to activate these sounds. However, just putting in a sound file and calling it every day is not enough. The loot filter you are using will need to trigger these custom sounds and take advantage of them.

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