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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FilterKeys setter?

FilterKeys Setter... for a faster key repeat (in Windows) This is just a quick and dirty utility for making FilterKeys settings, which allows values that are not possible to set using the standard Windows UI. It's main use would be, as the title says, to set faster repeat than is normally possible.

What are the FilterKeys features available?

The FilterKeys features are available. The computer makes a click sound when a key is pressed or accepted. If SlowKeys is on, a click is generated when the key is pressed and again when the keystroke is accepted. Windows 95/98, Windows 2000: A confirmation dialog box appears when the FilterKeys features are activated by using the hot key.

What are Filter Keys in Windows 7?

Filter Keys in Windows 7 The Filter Keys feature in Windows 7 helps prevent unwanted keystrokes by adjusting the amount of time a key has to be pressed before its input is recognized by the operating system. Filter Keys Video Tutorial

What is filterfilter keys and how does it work?

Filter Keys is a free Windows feature that helps individuals who press the wrong keys while typing due to tremor or mild in-coordination. It is a free accessibility option within Windows and is therefore always worth trying, although it’s important to point out that keyguards and specialist keyboards may be able to help...

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