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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my own template?

To make your own template, select File and then New. Under Templates, choose “On my computer”. Click on the “General” tab. At the bottom right, under Create New, click so the button selects “Template” rather than “Document” and then double-click to open a blank document.

How do I find a template on my computer?

from the "File" menu. In the menu that opens on the right of the program, select "On my computer" from the "Templates" section of the menu. This opens the default "Templates" dialog box, where you will find your template if you saved it in the default folder. If you have saved your template in a different location,...

Where are my custom templates?

Your templates, like your keys, are where you put them. In recent versions of Word, the default storage location for newly created templates is Custom Office Templates in your Documents folder. There is much more about where templates can be stored and where they should be stored here: Templates in Microsoft Word.

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