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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fingerhut really have good stuff?

So far the items that I have purchased from Fingerhut have all been very good quality from a desktop computer tower from HP to an HP all in one printer/copier/scanner, and got extended warranties on them, plus a free 3 month subscription to Instant Ink of which I've gotten large replacement ink cartridges for free which can be expensive.

Why is Fingerhut so expensive?

The prices at Fingerhut are higher than what you can pay at other retailers, and they're well aware of that. This is because they're expecting you to finance your purchase through them, and these higher prices are basically the cost of that financing.

Does Fingerhut really build credit score?

The Fingerhut Credit Account can help build your credit score in another way. Over time, you may have your credit limit increased by Fingerhut. If you use only some of your credit, you will maintain a low credit utilization ratio, which helps boost your credit score.

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