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Frequently Asked Questions

What is finviz and how does it work?

By using Finviz, traders will identify the right stocks to trade based on the filters chosen. One of the biggest Finviz advantages is the speed of the platform. First of all, it is completely web-based, and all results appear in under one second. That's amazingly fast.

Is the finviz Stock Screener worth it?

While there are some benefits of using the FinViz stock screener, it is still important to account for the platform’s drawbacks as well. FinViz is far from perfect. Depending on how you hope to use the platform, ignoring these drawbacks can have major consequences.

Is finviz good for first time traders?

While all the information displayed on the FINVIZ homepage can be overwhelming for first-time users, knowing how to use the charts and free tools can save traders both time and money that would’ve been spent on multiple tools.

How can I reduce delay times with finviz?

Signing up for FinViz’s premium package can help reduce delay times. FinViz (which stands for “Financial Visualizations”) automatically sorts many of its stocks into lists based on specific criteria. For example, the “Top Gainers” list contains the stocks that have experienced the greatest price percentage increases over the past day.

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