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Frequently Asked Questions

What is firefireboy and watergirl 4?

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is one of our selected Fire and Water games. Skill Games Multiplayer Games Two player Games Fire and Water games A10 Games

How do you play Fireboy and watergirl Crystal Temple?

Fireboy and Watergirl (by Oslo Albet) on an adventure through the Crystal Temple! Teleport from one side to the other. Complete all challenging levels. Watch out for all dangers and observe the colors of the teleporters. Switch between Fireboy & Watergirl- but watch out; Fireboy cannot touch water, and Watergirl cannot touch fire.

How do you move Fireboy and watergirl through the maze?

Use the keyboard to move Fireboy and Watergirl through the maze and collect all the diamonds on their way to the exits. The A,W,D keys move Watergirl and the arrow keys move Fireboy. Since fire and water don't mix, be sure to not let Fireboy go in the water lakes and don't let Watergirl go in the fire lakes...

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