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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download Firefox on Windows?

Firefox for Windows Visit the Mozilla website. Click the download button. Choose your installation type. Launch Firefox. Import your settings.

How do I download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8?

How To Download and Install Mozilla Firefox Browser In Windows 8: Go onto the link given. Click on “Firefox Free Download” Click on the downloaded Firefox setup The Firefox browser will get installed as you proceed up with on-screen instructions

How do I update Firefox on Linux?

Update Firefox on Ubuntu / Debian Linux. You can use APT package handling utility i.e. apt-get command. You can also use a GUI package tool called Update Manager: Just type the following two commands at terminal: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install firefox You can also use GUI tool: Click on System > Administration > Update Manger > Click on Check button see for updates.

What is the command line for Firefox?

When you’re running Firefox, hold down Shift and push F2 to open up the Graphical Command Line Interface or GCLI. It’s an internal command line that Firefox offers to power user.

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