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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Mozilla Firefox, Portable edition 51.0.1?

/ Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 51.0.1 Welcome to the Project on SourceForge. Most of our users download and install our apps through the Platform's built-in app store and then keep them updated using the platform's built in updater.

What are the features of Mozilla Firefox Portable browser?

Mozilla Firefox® is a fast, full-featured web browser that's easy to use. It has lots of great features including popup-blocking, tabbed-browsing, integrated search, improved privacy features, automatic updating and more. Plus, thanks to the launcher bundled in the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition,...

Which is the best version of Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 67.0 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 60.6.3 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 66.0.5 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 60.6.2 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 66.0.4 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 66.0.3 Mozilla Firefox,...

Where can I get an earlier version of Firefox?

You can install a portable (ESR) Firefox version to access websites that do not work with the current Firefox release. The portable version comes with its own profile folder and doesn't interfere with currently installed Firefox versions.

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