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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of a fireplace mantel?

This is because a mantel should never be in contact with a door frame or windowsills or walls. For example, a fireplace with a width of 36 inches should have a mantel shelf of about 48 inches. Half the width of the mantel shelf (24 inches) is less than the width of the fireplace – 36 inches. What can I put on my fireplace mantel?

Why is wood not allowed in fireplace mantels?

Wood is a combustible material after all and wooden materials should not come in close contact with any source of fire. This is because combustible materials such as wood always radiate heat to every part of the mantel. From the sides to above the fireplace, towards the floor, and to the front of the firebox.

Can you put a floating mantel over a brick fireplace?

One major perk of installing a floating mantel over a brick fireplace is that the mantel can help to brighten up a dark brick fireplace. You can totally Do-It-Yourself. With the drill, make long holes into the wall at the ends where the mantel would be hung. Typically, most mantels are often installed 60 inches above ground level.

What is a mantel shelf and how is it used?

A mantel shelf is simply the shelf right above the fireplace, forming a part of the mantel. You could also refer to it as a chimney piece or as a mantelpiece. Originally, the picture that comes to mind when the word ‘mantel shelf’ is seen or heard is simply that of a fire protective hood.

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