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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Fireplace Company in Utah?

From fireplace installation to outdoor fireplaces, HHDU is the preferred choice of homeowners all across the Wasatch Front and Utah Valley. We also specialize in Cultured Stone Products for interior or exterior rock walls, fireplace stone for your indoor or outdoor fireplaces.

What kind of stone to use for fireplace?

M-Rock stone can beautify any home, especially when combined with accessories that accent pre-existing features, available in multiple colors to match your stone. All of M-Rock’s stones are fire resistant and can be used for your fireplace projects.

Is there a hearth and home distributor in Utah?

From conventional fire pits to modern fire tables, from BBQ grills and islands with graceful pergolas, transform your patio into an outdoor kitchen or living space. Visit Hearth and Home Distributors of Utah for outdoor fireplaces and living space ideas.

What kind of Trim do I need for a fireplace surround?

Installs with screws. Fireplace Surround Trim Kit is required when P-Series Stone Veneer is installed on a fireplace.

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