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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put tile on the fireplace?

Most wall tile is suitable for the fireplace. But just to make sure, check to see if they are recommended for high-temperature application. Another trick is to select a tile that is recommended as a backsplash tile. Most backsplash tile is made to withstand higher temperatures because it is often placed around stoves and other intense areas of the kitchen.

What is the best tile for a hearth?

If you prefer a polished, modern look, slate tile is an ideal option for your fireplace hearth. The stone is cut into precise squares and usually polished to a smooth finish so the rugged slate has a more refined appearance.

What is a contemporary fireplace?

A tall, contemporary built in fireplace that incorporates glass to give a great flame picture. The glass can be tinted or transparent with the area below the glass open to the flames. The contemporary built in fireplace can be integrated within an existing chimney breast or installed into a new situation where there is no existing chimney.

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