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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Firestone Tire?

The Firestone Firehawk AS tire is Firestone's best high performance all-season tire which gives you impressive handling and control. This improved tire delivers more control on wet roads, improved traction in snowy conditions, and extended performance even as the tire wears, versus its predecessor, the Firestone Firehawk tire.

Who makes Firestone tires and in what country?

Firestone is a manufacturer and retailer of tires headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company was founded in 1900 in Akron, Ohio, by Harvey Firestone and has been owned by the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation since 1988.

Where are Firestone tires manufactured?

In the United States, it manufactures tires in Alabama, North and South Carolina and Arkansas. Bridgestone, a Japanese company bought out Firestone, another company with American roots, in 1998 and makes tires in North and South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee.

What does Firestone offer?

Firestone offers plenty of other auto services, too, including A/C repair, engine tune-ups, transmission work and roadside assistance. Save money on service you can trust with Firestone online coupons.

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