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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get online banking with first Commonwealth Bank?

Online Banking 1 Access Online Banking using the most current version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome or Safari. 2 For personal accounts, your Online Banking ID is your Santander username. ... 3 For personal accounts, review and accept the Online Banking Agreement. ... More items...

What are the features of first Commonwealth Bank?

A personal checking account that fits your financial needs. First Commonwealth Bank offers checking accounts that are convenient, secure, and equipped with online and mobile banking features.

How do I pay my Commonwealth Bank Bill?

New payments can now be scheduled through the First Commonwealth BillPay system by clicking the BillPay tab within any Online Banking screen. Before scheduling any new payments, please review the Pending and History sections under the Payments tab to avoid duplications.

Where can I find first Commonwealth Bank alerts?

Simply select the “Alerts” option under the Settings tab within the First Commonwealth Online Banking. For a complete listing of available alerts, contact our Engagement Center (customer service) at 800-711-BANK (2265).

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