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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of the Fischer company?

In 2017, the company opened a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. In 1996, Walter Werner Fischer’s son, Peter Fischer, was named CEO. In 2016, Jonathan Brossard, a 3rd-generation member of the Fischer family, was appointed CEO.

How long has Fischer Connectors been in business?

Since 1954, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative solutions that reimagine connectivity, helping customers around the world develop reliable, high-performance devices and applications.

What are the different types of Fischer Connectors?

Fischer Connectors’ range of products includes over 30,000 standard electrical, optical and hybrid connectors and cable assemblies organized across five product lines engineered to fulfill needs in terms of high-reliability connectivity, miniaturization, high-speed data transfer, sealing and wearability.

Where do they make Fischer push pull connectors?

Fischer Connectors. Fischer Connectors designs and manufactures a range of circular push–pull connectors . Founded in 1954, the headquarters and manufacturing facility is based in St-Prex, Switzerland, with cable assembly facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, and subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.

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