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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fischer meats in Issaquah WA located?

Fischer Meats is a butcher shop located on Front Street North in Issaquah. They carry sausages, beef steak, ground lamb, pork ribs, and whole chicken. Fischer Meats was initially established in Issaquah and has been around since 1910.

What do you think of Fischer's meat shop?

The store is so clean and well kept. Customer service is tops and the staff is so courteous and professional. This visit we bought a rib eye steak and some beef ribs. So flavorful. Would definitely recommend using your meat here. Tip: parking is off the street mostly...but they do have a few parking spots in the rear of the store.

Where to buy custom cut meat in Issaquah?

Our downtown Issaquah store is close to I-90 so contact us with your order and we'll have it ready for pick-up at your convenience. If you like a great value, check out our three meat packages.

How many stars does Fischer meats have on Yelp?

Fischer Meats has 4 stars. What days are Fischer Meats open? Fischer Meats is a Yelp advertiser.

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