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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Fischer's Park in Towamencin, Ohio?

Located in the south-central portion of the Township, 77 acre Fischer's Park is Towamencin's largest park facility.

Is the Fischer's Park in Lansdale PA worth visiting?

In any case, this park offers a lot and is worth exploring. I believe there are even events during the summer, or so, for the family. It is well-kept park and a fun place to do some running, walking, picnicking, exploring a bit. Have fun!

What to do at Fischer's Park in Chicago?

There's much to love about this park, so much to do. You see families eating lunch/dinner at the pavilions, events like parties, kids running around the swing sets (as I did years ago), joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, you name it. They even have a small pond and waterfall in the back and an amphitheater!!

When is the best time to go to Fischer's Park?

Going at evening/sundown is my favorite time to go (as pictured below). If anyone is in the area and is looking to do something outdoors, look no further than Fischer's Park. Even if it is a leisurely stroll, it's worth it. A cute, very spacious park that includes a playground and walking trail.

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