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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the plumbers at Fischer plumbing services?

Most of the time the plumbers come in, do their work, then leave the tenants feeling satisfied and happy. In the past year, they have been unprofessional, rude, and incompetent. A tech came for a job, attempted a fix, but the fix was subpar. I called and got the same plumber the next day.

Where can I get a plumber in Seattle?

Fischer Plumbing is a part of your community, with plumbers all around the Seattle and Eastside areas. Simply call us for estimates whether for a commercial location or at your residence. We offer complete plumbing and drain cleaning services.

Which is the best plumbing company in Washington?

As you can see, this is not the kind of service that I would expect from a company that advertises on their site that they are "among the best plumbing services in Washington" if they are among the best, I can't even imagine the worst. My advice, stay away; there must be a better company out there.

When did the leak start in Fischer plumbing?

I called them when the leak started, and because they had a team working on-site (in a pipe-replacement project for the building), they came within that day to take a look. Here is when all the issues started: * They opened a hole in the ceiling and were not able to find anything.

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