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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lines in a Fischer projection?

The Fischer Projection consists of both horizontal and vertical lines, where the horizontal lines represent the atoms that are pointed toward the viewer while the vertical line represents atoms that are pointed away from the viewer.

Why did Emil Fischer invent the Fischer projection?

Fischer projections are just another way of drawing compounds contacting chirality centers. They were initially proposed by Emil Fischer for making it easier to draw the structures of compounds containing multiple chirality centers with the main idea of not having to draw the wedge and dash lines for every single chiral center.

How to convert a stereoformula to a Fischer projection?

To convert this stereoformula into a Fischer projection use the following procedure: two bonds are coming out of the plane of the paper and are on a horizontal plane, the two remaining bonds are going into the plane of the paper and are on a vertical plane Step 2: Push the two bonds coming out of the plane of the paper onto the plane of the paper.

How are Fischer projections used in organic chemistry?

In this regard Fischer projection is different from skeletal formulae . Fischer projections are most commonly used in biochemistry and organic chemistry to represent monosaccharides. They can also be used for amino acids or for other organic molecules, although this is discouraged by the 2006 IUPAC recommendations.

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