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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of Fischer Tropsch synthesis?

Mingquan Shao, ... Yi Zhang, in Advances in Chemical Engineering, 2015 Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS), directly converting a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (syngas) into sulfur-free hydrocarbons, has attracted much attention from academic and industrial community.

What kind of chemical reaction is Fischer Tropsch?

Fischer-Tropsch process. The Fischer–Tropsch process (or Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis or F-T) is a set of chemical reactions that changes a mixture of carbon monoxide gas and hydrogen gas into liquid hydrocarbons (like gasoline or kerosene).

Which is the feedstock for the Fischer Tropsch process?

In the usual implementation, carbon monoxide and hydrogen, the feedstocks for FT, are produced from coal, natural gas, or biomass in a process known as gasification. The Fischer–Tropsch process then converts these gases into a synthetic lubrication oil and synthetic fuel.

How is hydrogen recovery unit used in Fischer Tropsch synthesis?

The wax is sent on to an upgrading unit for hydrocracking in the presence of hydrogen, where it is chemically split into smaller molecular weight hydrocarbon liquids. A hydrogen recovery unit is used to extract the required quantity of hydrogen from the tail gas as shown, or alternatively from the feed syngas stream.

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