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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the conditions chosen for Fischer Tropsch synthesis?

The Fischer-Tropsch process conditions are usually chosen to maximize the formation of higher molecular weight hydrocarbon liquid fuels which are higher value products. There are other side reactions taking place in the process, among which the water-gas-shift reaction CO + H 2 O → H 2 + CO 2

What kind of gas is used in Fischer Tropsch?

The Fischer-Tropsch process is a gas to liquid (GTL) polymerization technique that turns a carbon source into hydrocarbons chains through the hydrogenation of carbon monoxide by means of a metal catalyst. The feedstock is typically coal or natural gas, though more exotic (and carbon neutral) possibilities such as removing CO 2...

Why are trickle flow reactors used in Fischer Tropsch?

Excess temperature leads to carbon deposition and hence blockage of the reactor. Since large amounts of the products formed are in liquid state, this type of reactor can also be referred to as a trickle flow reactor system. An important requirement of the reactor for the Fischer–Tropsch process is to remove the heat of the reaction.

How is the Fischer Tropsch reaction an exothermic reaction?

The Fischer–Tropsch reaction is a highly exothermic reaction due to a standard reaction enthalpy (ΔH) of −165 kJ/mol CO combined. Converting a mixture of H 2 and CO into aliphatic products is a multi-step reaction with several intermediate compounds.

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