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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the band Fischerspooner get their name?

Fischerspooner were an electroclash duo and performance troupe formed in 1998 in chicago after meeting in school. The name is a combination of the founders' last names, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner .

Where can I listen to Fischerspooner Sir album?

Review: Fischerspooner, 'Sir' Fischerspooner serves up the erotic provocations and identity critiques that the pair excelled at in their heyday. Note: NPR's First Listen audio comes down after the album is released. However, you can still listen with the Spotify or Apple Music playlist at the bottom of the page.

When did Fischerspooner release their third album?

Released in North America via the band's own label FS Studios on May 4, 2009, Entertainment is their third full-length album and was produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Black Keys, The Sounds). The album's cover was listed on Pitchfork's worst album covers of 2009.

When did Fischerspooner release Danse en France?

Fischerspooner also released "Danse en France" as a single on the Kitsuné label. Warren and Casey subsequently began to work on more material for a new album while Casey was performing the role of Ophelia's brother Laertes in The Wooster Group's production of Hamlet (Fischerspooner also contributed two original songs to the production).

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