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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clay safe for aquariums?

However, many materials available at a craft supply store can be toxic to animals. Before you add any homemade materials, be sure they're pet-safe. Any clay that can be shaped when wet and then air dries to harden is unsafe for aquariums.

How can I make an aquarium out of clay?

Anything constructed with Clay, would have to fired and glazed to stay together after being submerged in water. You could make things for the aquarium out of clay. For a natural look, use terracotta earthenware. You can also purchase underglazes in various colours to decorate with. All these are available at a potters supplies store.

Are there any alternatives to clay that are safe for food?

There is also something called polymer clay (sculptey is the most famous one) that you can get from craft stores. Looks and acts a little bit like regular clay- it's actually closer related to PVC- it fires at low over temperatures and comes in all sorts of colours. Some people are scared off by the fact that it says "not safe for food" on it.

Can you use pre made ceramics in a fish tank?

Use Premade Ceramics and Pottery. Any piece of premade fired ceramic or pottery will be safe and non-toxic for fish tanks. You can use tea cups, coffee mugs or unused terra cotta pots to construct a fun playground or cozy hiding spot in your freshwater aquarium.

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