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Frequently Asked Questions

What was farewell to Dogger, Fisher, German Bight?

Farewell to Dogger, Fisher, German Bight . . . One day, not too far ahead, there may be no voices in the darkness speaking of gales in Rockall and Bailey, fog in Dogger, occasional rain in Hebrides, southwesterlies battering Wight, Portland, Plymouth. The shipping forecast on BBC long wave is an institution, but it cannot last for ever.

Is there a merger between Vine and Fisher German?

Enquiries 03708 505150 On 19 June 2019 Fisher German and Vine Property Management agreed an exciting merger of talents to provide an even stronger presence as a UK wide leader in the provision of...

Why do you want to work with Fisher German?

Clients enjoy working with us because we are personable, energetic, creative and deliver incomparable results. Our talent and knowledge has driven exceptional growth. We are extremely approachable and here we provide contact details for all our people who will be keen to understand your needs and to help you.

How to find Fisher German Chartered Surveyors UK?

Find the person you need. Fisher German has highly experienced people across all six sectors of the business. Quickly find the relevant person for you by searching by the person’s name, office and sector.

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