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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check your Thermo Fisher Scientific order status?

Use the online order lookup tool to quickly track your order status from shipment through to delivery without having to log into your account. View the most up-to-date availability information for each product on your order Add additional recipients to receive the delivery email

How to check the status of an order?

Use the form below to quickly check the status of a single order. Simply enter your order number and the account code you used to place the order. Do you have a web account? Login now for live order tracking, where you can view up to 5 years of historical orders placed on your account.

How to track an order for Fisher science education?

+ 1 800-766-7000 - Fisher Scientific + 1 800-640-0640 - Fisher Healthcare + 1 800-955-1177 - Fisher Science Education

How can I track my order on Sci?

If you don’t have an account​, try our single-order lookup feature to find and track your order and delivery. Click Order Status above the blue bar at the top of the site and search by your order number and zip code. From the Order Details page, click Manage Notifications to sign up for email notifications for that order.

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