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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose funeralfisher funeral home?

Fisher Funeral Home is full service establishment that demonstrates professionalism and compassion while conducting the highest standards of care of your loved one. We are a company that is commited to providing total quality service, maintaining confidentiality, and respect for the deceased and privacy for our client families.

How do I contact the funeral home?

You can contact us at 830-625-3434 at anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff members will be glad to address your questions and concerns. Funeral services will continue as needed under the guidelines and regulations set forth by the federal, state and local governing agencies.

What is a full service funeral home?

We are a full service funeral home providing the most elaborate funeral service to the simplest graveside ceremony, the most unique memorial service, to the most basic direct cremation. Since no two people are exactly alike, neither should their funeral ceremony be alike.

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