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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of steel is in ms pipe fittings?

MS15006 Type VI Steel 1/8 Pipe Threads, (Hydraulic) Leakproof lubrication Fittings. CNCL Refer to SAE-AS 15006.

What's the difference between an and MS fittings?

For instance, an AN815 is equivalent to an MS24392. MS, however, is a very broad standard covering all kinds of hardware, and is not limited to AN fluid couplings. The AN and MS designations for many fittings are being superceded with AS (Aerospace Standard).

What kind of fittings do you use for an and?

These fittings have traditionally been available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium. AN / AND fittings remain in prevalent use today, and they may alternatively be designated with an MS number, which are generally directly cross-referenced replacement fittings (functionally equivalent).

When did the MS tube fittings come out?

MS20819 Flared Tube fitting Sleeve (Superseding AN819, S/S By SAE-AS5176, 21 MAR 1979).

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