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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are African pipes valves and fittings Pty Ltd?

Having built up strong partnerships with our suppliers we enjoy the most favourable terms of supply, which enable us to pass on these benefits to our customers, thereby ensuring that our products are always competitively priced. We are a South African company, with international links thorough our overseas investor.

Who are the brothers of Queensland hose and fittings?

Enterprising by nature, the brothers responded by establishing Queensland Hose & Fittings Pty Ltd and embarking on a multi-year mission to establish a reliable source of hose, hose tails and adaptors suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Where can I buy a fluid connector fitting?

All product is manufactured to meet international standards and recognised industry norms. Buy your fittings from Fluidconnectors and you can be assured you will get the Right Fitting for the job.

What kind of Piping do I need in Australia?

At SPFA, we specialise in premium quality products servicing the Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Petrochemical industries in Australia, South East Asia and Internationally. Please contact our sales team at any time to discuss your piping requirements.

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