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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAE flare fitting?

The angle of the flare in a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) flare fitting is 45 degrees. All related fittings and connections used with a flared line are also 45-degree angles. While the flare fitting gives a high-pressure rating and is used on critical systems such as brake lines and fuel lines,...

What is SAE thread?

SAE Threads. SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers. These fittings are commonly used in refrigeration, automotive and low pressure applications. SAE male has 45° flare which seals against 45° seat in female.

What is SAE hose?

SAE 100R8 hose is high-pressure thermoplastic hose that should be used with synthetic, petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids within a temperature range from140° to 93° C. It consists of a thermoplastic inner tube resistant to hydraulic fluids with suitable synthetic-fiber reinforcement and a hydraulic fluid- and weather-resistant thermoplastic ...

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