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Frequently Asked Questions

How does volume control work in FL Studio?

Internal Controllers & Volume Automation In FL Studio, there are a few ways to automatically control the huge number of knobs, sliders, buttons, and even individual notes. One of them is by using what’s called an automation clip.

How do you change note velocity in FL Studio?

If you accidentally changed these, it could be making FL Studio change volume by itself. Note velocity is simply the volume of an individual note in the Piano roll. To change a notes velocity, just go to the Piano roll, click Control at the bottom left, and in the drop down menu, click “Note velocity.”

What does it mean when volume mixer keeps resetting?

Volume Mixer keeps resetting. Volume Mixer keeps resetting. I have some technical difficulty in fixing the Realtek Driver. I recently bought the ASUS P8P67 motherboard (BIOS version 1204) and installed the provided Audio driver that came with the box which is version

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