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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Flagstar Bank customer service?

Call us at (888) 248-6423 or try our online help. Enroll in mobile banking today! © 2021 Flagstar Bank FDIC Insured Equal Housing Lender

Why New York Community Bancorp and flagflagstar?

Flagstar and New York Community Bancorp are joining forces. Together, our interest remains in our customer’s financial success and the communities we serve. It’s not the interest rate other banks talk about, but we do. Genuine interest in helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

Why choose Flagstar?

With a range of competitively priced mortgage options, Flagstar can meet virtually any borrowing need. Manage Your Loans Online, Any Time With MyLoans. Access MyLoans to make payments, view transaction history, review statements, and more. and employees.

What is the highest paid bank in the US?

1. JPMorgan Chase Bank. $2,690,959,000. 2. Bank of America. $2,031,940,000. 3. Wells Fargo Bank. $1,763,696,000.

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