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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a phone number for Flagstar Bank?

Need assistance? Call us at (888) 248-6423 or try our online help. Enroll in mobile banking today! © 2021 Flagstar Bank FDIC Insured

When do I get my first billing statement from Flagstar?

Your first billing statement will be mailed within 10 days of your loan being transferred. If you already had submitted a payment to your original servicer, don't worry — it will be automatically forwarded to Flagstar Bank for 30-60 days after your effective mortgage transfer date.

What makes Flagstar Bank a good business partner?

Flagstar provides the technology, products, support and superior customer satisfaction to meet all your business needs. Discover the benefits today by becoming a Flagstar business partner.

What happens after I transfer my mortgage to Flagstar Bank?

After your mortgage service is transferred, please send all mortgage payments directly to Flagstar Bank. Do not send any further payments to your prior servicer. To help ensure a smooth transition, you will not be assessed a late fee or negatively reported to any credit agencies for 60 days following your transfer date.

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