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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flagstar Bank affect you and your mortgage?

Here’s how it affects you and your home mortgage. Your prior mortgage lender may have already sent you a letter informing you that Flagstar Bank will soon be your mortgage servicer. That letter will provide you with payment information so that you know when to send your payments to Flagstar Bank and what address to use.

How do I apply for a Flagstar loan?

First, shop for your mortgage rate; not just a sample rate but one personalized for your scenario. Next, select your rate and apply for your mortgage online. All that is left is to submit your application and wait to be contacted by a Flagstar loan advisor. If you have questions, check out our learning center.

Why partner with Flagstar?

Flagstar provides the technology, products, support and superior customer satisfaction to meet all your business needs. Discover the benefits today by becoming a Flagstar business partner.

Why New York Community Bancorp and flagflagstar?

Flagstar and New York Community Bancorp are joining forces. Together, our interest remains in our customer’s financial success and the communities we serve. It’s not the interest rate other banks talk about, but we do. Genuine interest in helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

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