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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Flash Player on my iPad?

Opening Flash Webpages Open the App Store on your iPad. Your iPad has no built-in support for Flash content. Find a browser that supports Flash. There are several apps that support Flash. Open the browser. After it has finished installing, tap the new browser's icon on your Home screen to open it up. Ensure Flash is turned on.

Do I need to update my Flash Player?

If the version number is higher than the number you found in the Flash Player menu, you can proceed with updating Flash Player. If the number listed next to your browser's name is identical to the one found in the Flash Player menu, Flash Player does not need to be updated.

Can Adobe Flash Player be installed on iPad?

An innovative iPhone hacker figured out that Adobe flash player can actually be installed in iPhone and iPad devices. This could be a hard hitting matter for Apple, but yet a simple trick can let flash player access your device.

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