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Frequently Asked Questions

What major is best for being a flight attendant?

No particular major is required for flight attendants, but one closely related to travel or customer service provides an advantage, according to the BLS. Appropriate majors include communications, public relations or hospitality and tourism.

How do you apply for a flight attendant job?

Kelly says the best way to get a job as a flight attendant is to start by checking the websites of all the major airlines because they usually have specific hiring periods. From there, you can send in an application on their website.

Is a flight attendant career right for You?

If you are a fan of luxury and comfort, this profession is right for you. Once in a while flight attendants get the exclusive opportunities to try out the nice and fancy hotels. It can even be five star hotel with silver linings and free champagne in the room. Therefore, it is really amazing to rest in the highest class bed sheets!

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