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Frequently Asked Questions

What major is best for being a flight attendant?

No particular major is required for flight attendants, but one closely related to travel or customer service provides an advantage, according to the BLS. Appropriate majors include communications, public relations or hospitality and tourism.

Does JetBlue Airways hire felons?

However, from what we have seen in our research, it doesn't appear that someone can work at JetBlue Airways with a felony. Since JetBlue doesn't hire felons, where else can I work? Just because you are unable to work at JetBlue Airways with a felony, doesn't mean that there is nowhere else to work. In fact, we've taken the time to compile a list of over a hundred really large companies that actually do hire felons.

What are the different jobs available in Airlines?

Some of those roles include: Pilot, co-pilot Air Traffic Controller Aircraft and Avionics Mechanic Airport Manager Transportation Security Screener Airfield Operations Specialist Aeronautical Engineer

Does Jet Blue Airlines have a fee for luggage?

JetBlue allows one free personal item and carry-on luggage but charges flat checked baggage fees depending on how many pieces of luggage you want to be checked. Bags bought on or before January 15, 2020, will have slightly cheaper checked baggage fees than bags bought on or after January 16, 2020.

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