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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Southwest flight attendant earn?

Here's how much flight attendants in 10 airlines say they make Delta flight attendants say they earn $29 to $30 an hour. American Airlines flight attendants say they make about $30 an hour. Flight attendants for United Airlines say they make about $28 to $40 an hour. Southwest Airlines flight attendants say they make $31 to $35 an hour.

How much do southwest pilots get paid?

However, this varies among airlines. For instance, in 2020, the reported average pilot salary at Southwest at $178,765. Similarly, American Airlines was $167,391.

What jobs does Southwest Airlines have?

Popular Southwest careers: air traffic controller, cabin crew member, flight attendant job, customer care representative, airline administrative support, facilities technician, reservations clerk, ramp agent, security officer, pilot, ticket agent, aircraft mechanic etc.

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