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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact a Flight Centre travel agent?

If your question doesn't appear here, no worries. Speak to a Flight Centre travel agent over Live Chat, call your dedicated Flight Centre travel agent or drop by a store. We are always eager to help you.

Is the Flight Centre part of the Global Travel Group?

Flight Centre is part of the global Flight Centre Travel Group, which means we can offer deals between many cities outside the United Kingdom. Please phone your Consultant on 0800 587 0058 for a quote, or pop in-store.

How can I Check my Flight Centre card balance?

Quick Balance is a new feature that lets you quickly check your card balance and Flight Centre Rewards from the login page. To take advantage of this feature, select ‘Enable Quick Balance’ from the Account menu. Why can’t I see Quick Balance? Quick Balance will only display for you if you have already registered on the App.

Can a Flight Centre credit card be used on another credit card?

Yes, you can utilise a maximum of 80% of your Flight Centre Mastercard available credit to reduce the balance on up to five other credit cards at once provided that the balance on each credit card you which to transfer is at least $500 . To add additional card accounts during the Balance Transfer request process click on ‘Add another card’.

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